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Get closer to the top of search engines quickly with a single software program. 

Sound crazy?  It’s not!!

If you are working to fine-tune your online Internet marketing strategies, one of the first places to start is with reciprocal links.  Fast and absolutely free, LC software is a state-of-the-art web site marketing tool that will enable you to start a link exchange program to make your sales numbers explode! 

Your listing on the search engines is free advertising and you will see results with your web site promotion overnight. Guaranteed. 

Get Listed at the Top

Reciprocal links place your listing at the top of the search engines, gaining your company more exposure, which will lead to increased sales numbers. Time and time again, our reciprocal links software has transformed e-commerce businesses into successful sites.

Through this web site promotion software, you build a strong relationship with affiliate sites. Boost your sales and become a leading force in your industry almost instantly with our web site marketing software and link exchange program.

Think of it now. This link exchange software will enhance your web site promotion almost effortlessly, giving you the results you want to see – now! 

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Real Testimonials From Real People
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Detlev Reimer says, 
"Your LinkCapture software is the perfect tool 
to find the Super Affiliates in ANY industry "
Hi Roy, 

Well, you have done it again! 

Your LinkCapture software is the perfect tool to find the Super Affiliates in ANY industry. Not only this but it is so lightning fast that I can't believe how many people are not using it... Those who still continue to do this time consuming work manually are literally leaving money on the table! I have found so many great JV partners already that I am sure it will increase my bottomline by several zeros. 

Best of all: I don't have to change programs anymore if I have found great partners and can continue to use Linkcapture if I want to send them an email. I can see in 
an instant what kind of Alexa rankings these possible link or JV partners have AND I can see their Google PR whichis a very important aspect for every link campaign. 

What else can I say? I just signed up for your affiliate program and that means a lot because I only promote the best products I can find. So this indicates that you have a killer application here...


Detlev Reimer

Jean Lam says, 
"...piece of software that can literally explode 
anyone's business, sales and profits overnight by... "
Hi Roy,

I just downloaded Linkcapture, installed it on my pc and already getting used to it in just a few minutes. I really can't believe that you've made such a powerful software available. This is a nice piece of software that can literally explode anyone's business, sales and profits overnight by finding quality Joint Venture partners super fast at a click of a button. Locating super affiliates and great link partners is a breeze now. 

Every single bit of information is handled on a plate like Website Search Engine Position, Link Popularity, Alexa Ranking, Google PR, Email, Phone and Address. Linkcapture is easy to use and the tutorials are clear and concise.

I also like the email template that I can set with the JV Letters that you have given as a bonus.   No need to do this manually each time when sending a JV to potential affiliates and link partners.

Set it once and send as many emails as you want. The best part is that the email template can be customized with fields like name, url, keyword, search engine etc... Hence the email will be very personalized which is fundamental in a JV. Also, there is a feature that I found very useful. 

Every email sent to a site is recorded, hence you can avoid sending the same email to the same site twice.

It's definitely going to be a highly valuable tool for me in my future promotions. Anyone who wants to find super affiliates for their products or who wants to find great link partners should get a copy of your software. I strongly recommend it. Great job.

Jean Lam

    Dear Internet Marketer,

    Did you know that building a strong network of links is one of the most important 
    things you can do to increase traffic … AND SALES … at your web site?


    Because when you have a wide-ranging link network, you have the potential of receiving traffic 
    from literally thousands of other web sites! Targeted traffic. Traffic that is looking for what 
    you have to offer.

    But that’s just part of the story.

    Every site that links back to you increases your link popularity with the search engines …
    bringing in still more traffic!

    And guess what? More Traffic = More Sales!

    Targeted link partners are the lifeline for your site. 

    Targeted links to your site will bring you loads of traffic, move and sell your product consistently, 
    make you very, very rich.

    Connecting with the link partners in your industry means 4 core benefits for you:

    1) More targeted traffic
    2) Increased search engine ranking
    2) Multiplied sales conversions
    3) Exploding online sales

    FACT: It is estimated that 73% of all sales decisions are based on trust.

    Without the recommendation of other sites, we have a tendency to question the credibility of an 
    online business. 

    The formula is extremely simple. Once you locate  the link partners or the super affiliates in 
    your industry you need to contact them so that you can get more traffic to your site.

    The conclusion is
    Build a strong network of link partners and Explode Your Sales Overnight.

    But the questions are
    Where do you find your super link partners? And, how do you make them to link back to you?

    The solution
    Linking to targeted link partners = Link Capture software.

    Now before, I explain how this mind-boggling software  works, you must understand that:

    1) It works very quickly to bring you link partners that want to promote your business.
    2) There’s  zero risk --- You can try it right now 100% risk-free.

    How Can The  Link Capture software Help Me and my Business?

    With Link Captutre you will find sites in your industry. These sites are already listed at the top
    of the search engine lists. So all you have to do is get these high traffic sites to link to your site. 

    You will be able to: 

Find your competitor's link partners and offer them a link partnership - this is a 10 minutes process
Find the super affiliates in your industry - professional Internet marketers who can sell TONS of your products...
Locate every high-traffic web site in your industry. Link Capture automatically saves all contact information such as: URLs, telephone numbers, owner's Email addresses and, in certain cases, the web sites owner's names.
Create a powerful new partnership with the top traffic sites. (These sites have done all the work for you and they have the traffic you need)..
Boost your Sales conversions by geting more targeted traffic. .
Upgrade your web site's ranking in search engines by multiplying your "link's popularity"..
Increase your  sales by recruiting "Super Affiliates".
Generate targeted traffic - for guaranteed sales to your site - For FREE
Submit an email to the top online businesses in your industry to offer a joint venture.


Working Smarter Means Minimizing Work-Time While 
Doubling Your Profitability To Make More Money.

    There are two ways of building your link network … the hard way and the Link Capture way.

    The Hard Way

    If you’re a web site owner who is serious about building a link network, then you will most likely 
    find yourself spending hours – even days and weeks – researching the Internet for potential link 
    partners in your industry. 

    Although the end result will be a major benefit to you, every second you spend on this manual 
    search is taking time away from building your business and increasing your bottom-line profits.

    The Link Capture Way

    Use this amazing software and you’ll cut the time spent on building your link popularity to a 
    matter of minutes!

    All you need to do is open the Link Capture software, choose the search engine you want to
    access (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AllTheWeb, Alta Vista, Lycos, HotBot …), type in your 
    keywords and Voila! 

    Within a matter of seconds, this incredible marketing tool will ‘capture’ a list of web sites 
    related to your industry. 

    But that’s not all! The list will include this very important information about each web site:

    • Search engine ranking position 
    • Link popularity
    • Alexa ranking position
    • Google page rank 
    • Link directory checker - Know if a website does have a link directory to exchange link 
    • Email address of site owner
    • Phone number
    • Fax number
    • Snail mail address
    • First & Last names 

    You can also type in a web site address (your competitors) and the software will capture 
    the sites that are linking to the web site you name.

    Link Exchange and web site promotion diagram

    Simply put, when you use Link Capture, you’ll be able to find the top-ranked web sites in your 
    industry, as well as the sites that are linked to them. Then all you need to do is contact the 
    site owners and ask to become a link partner.

    This amazingly effective technology is extremely powerful, not to mention so easy to use.

    It Gets Even Better...

    As one of the bonuses for ordering this fantastic software, you will receive four tested and effective 
    marketing letters that you can customize and send to your potential link partners! No need to sweat 
    and fret over what to write. 

    Simply copy and paste the selected letter into the BUILT-IN Email server. That’s right!  The 
    software comes with a built-in Email server so you can easily send personalized emails to 
    the site owners you want to link with. How cool is that?

    PLUS … the Emails you send are saved in a database so you know what you sent and when you 
    sent it. No worries about sending duplicate proposals to the same person.

    (I told you this is one of the most remarkable pieces of software ever developed.)

    Along with the time-saving and money-making benefits already mentioned, the software also includes:

Keyword Locator.  Not sure how to find keywords related to your business? 
Use the built-in keyword locator and in one click, hundreds of keywords will appear.
List Manager. You have complete control over your lists. You can exclude unwanted 
domains, emails, even words.
Export. You can export your entire list to an Excel file.
History. You’re able to save your search results and return to them at any time.  You can
even start up where you left off.
Access to Whois information. Find out who owns the web site and other relevant information.
Import domain addresses and get all their personal details


Link Capture Screenshot #1

Link Capture software - Screenshot1

Link Capture Screenshot #2


Build Your Link Directory - 
This is The Most Powerful, Easy and Cheapest 
Way to Build Your Own Huge Network of 
Link Partners to Your Website.

Give Your Link Directory The
Same Look and Feel as your Website... 
Exchange Links With Other Webmasters In 
Your Industry Or Any Industry...

The Link Capture software will enable you to build a link directory with the same look and feel as your website.  This is the most powerful and easy way to build a huge network of link partners to your site.

Here are all the facts about The Link Capture link Directory:

1) Automatically build link pages in simple HTML format - Compatible with Linux or Windows servers

2) Fetch  Websites details including the website META  title and META description to merge directly to the link directory, saving you TONS of precious time.

3)  Automatically check if your link is still online on your link partner website

4) Emphasis your link partner website and give him the incentive to link back to your site by:
A) Adding a little image on the left side of each partner (for example  or any image you wish) 
B) Move his link forward, to the top of the page of it's category. 
C) Make his title link in any color you wish.
D) Add his banner underneath his link 

5) Preview your link directory in one click of a button  to make any changes immediately

6) Build unlimited Link Directories, to as many sites that you want 

7) Unlimited theme categories in each directory.

8) Send your link partners an email (at once) - Keep in touch with your partners nurture a relationship. Don't forget; next time you start a new project you may ask them to become you partners again. Your old partners will be more then happy to collaborate with you and help you with any new projects.

9) Give your directory the same look and feel as your site including header and footer.

10) Special built in wizard, will build your directory with the same look and feel as your site even if you don't know HTML.  It's as easy as 123.  Follow the simple instructions, and you are done.

11) User friendly - Created by an Internet marketer FOR Internet marketers !!!

Save Months Of Hard Work. It's No Accident. 
In 5 Min, I Can Show You How To Find The 
Best Link Partners In Your Industry


Partner and Link With High-Traffic Web Site Owners!

You could receive traffic from literally thousands of other web sites. These are not 
just any web sites; but the ones that specialize in your own Internet marketing industry

In other words, if your offer will be valued by another web site's visitors, then you 
can easily approach these e-business owners and propose that you:

  • Offer the opportunity to become your affiliate.
  • Offer free, content-rich articles for site and or newsletters
  • Exchange text links and banners 
  • Barter classified ads in your respective e-zines 
  • Trade listings for your products on a "Recommended Links" page 
  • Provide an eBook that you have written and offer an added bonus 
  • Advertise on their site for a discounted rate 
  • Now remember, if you had to research and then contact each potential partner manually, any one of 
    these tasks could take weeks, months and years  to execute --  which adds up to wasted time and your bottom-line profits. AC software is the easy - breeziest way to network with business partners 
    in your industry with just one click.
    IMAGINE - You Can Recruit an Army 
    Of Super Affiliates, Promoting Your 
    Products, In Just a Few Minutes...

    Here is how...

    Sites that rank well on the search engines are operated by super affiliates. 

    Super affiliates are the professional Internet marketers who generate 100 sales while the 
    normal average affiliate will do 1. 

    A super affiliate has a list of 15,000 readers on his newsletter. He sends them a recommendation about your products and a few hours later, 5,500 people are on your site! Eager to buy from you… 

    Just think what could happen if you contact the super affiliates in your industry and offer them a win win business proposal to sell your product(s)!  Remember I have done everything for you including, KILLER marketing letters, to contact site owners.

    Get a super affiliate in your corner and you’ll have tons of traffic coming your way. 
    Your sales will skyrocket! 

    Our Comprehensive Video Tutorials Will 
    Show You The Exact Steps For You to Take...

    One of the primary benefits to Link Capture is that it is very easy to operate!

    It was built and designed by a professional Internet marketer (not a programmer) so there 
    are no complicated steps for you to follow or procedures to figure out. Everything is at your fingertips.

    However … if ever you’re not sure how to do something, all you need to do is click on the Video
    Help button and you’ll be taken step by step through each process. 

    While I have no doubt you’re going to be in total agreement that Link Capture is the best thing any 
    serious Internet Marketer could own to build link popularity and recruit link partners, I’m going to throw in 
    a few bonuses to put some icing on the cake:

    Your Bonuses
    Special Bonus #1 - FREE LIFETIME UPDATES! 

    Because search engines are always changing their ranking methods, we constantly update Link Capture. Each time you start the program, it automatically checks for updates and makes the necessary changes automatically. For FREE! For LIFE!



    Because, your success is extremely important to me, I have included 
    4 tested and effective marketing letters for you to use to contact site owners. This E-book includes the following:

    Email/Letter #1 - The Link Partner Business Proposal 
    Email/Letter #2 - The Super Duper Link Partner Recruitment 
    Email/Letter #3 - Query for Free & Discounted Advertising Rates 
    Email/Letter #4 - Free Web Content & Article Offer 

    All you need to do is cut and paste the information into your mail program.  (You’ll also learn how to avoid spamming.)

    Link Capture comes with a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee from the purchase date. If
    you don't like it, let me know and I’ll refund your money -- no questions asked!!!
    Link Capture software guaranteed
      If you’ve carefully read everything I’ve told you about Link Capture, you know in your heart of hearts this is 
      too good of an opportunity to pass up! So it’s time to take the next step and Order Now!


    You're Only Minutes Away from 
    Exploding Your Online Sales For FREE... 

      Link Capture Business Edition

      link exchange & affiliate finder software order form- Click Here!!

      This unprecedented software is easily worth at least $1200. Once you have run even one search, taken advantage of all the features, and experienced the growth in your bottom line, I know you will agree.

      However, I’m a nice guy so I’ve decided to offer the Link Capture Business Edition for the Special Limited Time price of ONLY $499 USD!!

      Along with the bonuses (worth $124), this is an incredible bargain!


      I'm sure I don't need to tell you that this is a serious bargain. Order Your Copy Now!

    Download Your Copy Now and Boost 
    Your Traffic by TOMORROW!!! 
    If you're serious about your online business and you are looking for the ultimate solution to: 
    drive targeted traffic, recruit super affiliates, find link partners, boost link popularity, get to the top of the search engines and EXPLODE your online sales, then the Link Capture software is a MUST for you and your business!!! Click Here Now to order!

    P.S. Remember – you have nothing to lose! This software is guaranteed to dramatically enhance your traffic and, more importantly, your profits. If you are not completely satisfied, notify me and I’ll refund 100% of your money. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! Click Here Now to order!
    Online marketing software11We accept major credit cards and pay pal

    Order Now!


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